Antibody & Protein Arrays

Antibody & Protein Arrays

More Data, Less Sample

Many biological processes such as apoptosis, inflammation, angiogenesis, immune response and migration often accompany changes of cytokine expression levels. Because of the extensive cross-talk between cytokines, a complete analysis of biological responses and functions must be obtained through multiplex assays.

Antibody Arrays

Antibody Arrays provide a much broader view of protein activity than can be obtained with single-target ELISAs and Western blots. Moreover, antibody array screening improves the chances for discovering key factors, disease mechanisms or biomarkers related to cytokine signaling. Antibody Arrays are spotted with immobilized antibodies, and are used for protein expression profiling.

To find all Antibody Arrays matching your antigens of interest easily, you can use RayBiotech's Array Picker Tool.

Antibody array detectionImmobilized antibodies on a solid support. 

Antibody arrays allow researchers to conduct rapid, accurate expression profiling of hundreds of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors and other proteins from any biological fluid. A wide range of different array types is available from BioCat:

Quantibody Arrays

Quantify the amount of your proteins of interest in a wide variety of sample types. Quantitative, quadruplicates, glass based, fluorescent detection

Membrane Based Arrays (C-Series)

Compare the relative changes of your proteins of interest across different experimental conditions. Semi-quantative, duplicates, chemiluminescent detection. 

Glass Based Arrays (G-Series)

Compare the relative changes of your proteins of interest across different experimental conditions. Semi-quantitative, duplicates or quadruplicates, fluorescent detection. 

Label Based High Density Arrays

Screen in parallel with a large number of immobilized Antibodies (up to 2.000) to identify your proteins or phosphorylation states of interest. Semi-quantitative, in replicates, on glass or membrane substrates, fluorescent or chemiluminescent detection.

Glycobiology Arrays

RayBio Glycobiology Arrays are a versatile and innovative series of products designed to detect glycosylation.  They are available in three different formats (Glycan Arrays, Glycome Arrays, Lectin Arrays) for detection of glycans or glycan-protein interactions. All 3 formats feature glass slide supports with fluorescent detection.

Protein Arrays

The term "Protein Arrays" is sometimes used interchangeably with "antibody arrays;" however, they are not the same thing. Protein Arrays, in contrast to Antibody Arrays, are spotted with immobilized proteins to profile serological (auto)antibodies as well as study protein interactions with other proteins, peptides, DNA, and drugs.

Protein array detection Immobilized recombinant proteins on a solid support. 

BioCat offers semi-quantitative Protein Arrays for the following research fields:

  • Allergen
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune Disease

There are also options for customized arrays tailor-made to your individual needs. 

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