3D Hydrogel System

VitroGel® Xeno-free Functional Hydrogel System

Advancing personalized medicine, cell therapy and drug discovery with an innovative 3D cell platform.

The VitroGel® hydrogel system gives an outstanding balance of biological functions and operating ease to establish a robust 3D cell culture platform and injectable delivery system for drug discovery, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and personalized medicine. A xeno-free system is key for 3D cell culture in clinical applications. The cutting-edge hydrogel enables high-throughput performance to establish 3D organotypic models from both cell lines and patient-derived cells. Using the hydrogel system as an injectable delivery system, scientists can achieve better cell retention and higher cell viability for cell therapy.

VitroGel® Ready-to-use Hydrogels

Choose from different VitroGel® ready-to-use, xeno-free hydrogel versions with an optimized formulation of multi-functional ligands and concentration to support a wide range of cell types for different applications, including various 3D cell models, stem cell spheroid, and organoids. Each ready-to-use VitroGel® hydrogel can be mixed with the cell suspension directly. There is no additional adjustment required. 

We are happy to help you find the right VitroGel® version for your application, please contact us or use the VitroGel Hydrogel Suggestion Guide.


From simple 3D cell spheroids to comprehensive organoid and co-culture models to functional assays and in vivo studies, this powerful hydrogel system does it all.

Vitrogel Applications

Performance Comparison of VitroGel® 3D to other Cell Culture Methods

Vitrogel Comparison Other 3d Cell Culture Methods  800

Learn how to use the VitroGel® Systems with Demonstration Videos.

Tunable Hydrogels - VitroGel® High Concentration Kits

High concentration tunable hydrogels are useful for researchers wanting full control to manipulate the biophysical and biological properties of cell culture environment. They offer a set of building blocks to create a functional micro-environment that closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) for cells to feel at home.

Mix & Match – 3D Cell Culture Your Way!

Unique to VitroGel® High Concentration Hydrogels, see table below, is the ability to tailor create a multi-functional hydrogel by blending different types of VitroGels. Using this flexible and powerful hydrogel system, scientists can customize their 3D culture micro-environment for different applications.

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