Cell-based Assays

Cell-based Assays

Analysis of functional cells.

The understanding of gene and protein functions and the regulatory mechanisms controlling these, as well as the screening for potential inhibitors or inducers of biological processes, all require the analysis of functional cells. Cultured cells constitute a comprehensive unit that enables functional analysis. Screens in cell-based systems offer accurate representation of the real-life cell model and the possibility of a dynamic experiment through in vitro monitoring of the numbers, phenotype or behavior of the live cells.
The diversity of biomolecules present in cells and the need to characterize their presence in normal development/diseased states or treated/untreated conditions leads to an increased demand for corresponding assays.
A wide variety of cell-based assays designed for greater accuracy and increased throughput is provided. They allow for the analysis of apoptosis, cell proliferation, cell damage as well as cell adhesion and migration. They provide fully quantitative results with no manual cell counting required. The majority of the assays is performed in microplate format. Analysis is carried out by colorimetric or fluorometric detection.

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