Expresso E. coli Cloning and Expression Systems

Expresso Cloning and Expression Systems

Surprisingly Simple Recombinant Protein Expression

  • No vector preparation
  • No restriction enzymes or ligase required
  • No DNA purification steps
  • Tightly-controlled expression of N- or C-Terminal 6xHis-tagged proteins
  • Choose from tunable Rhamnose or strong T7 Promoter
  • Cleavable SUMO Tag versions available to improve protein solubility
  • Easy downstream manipulation of small vectors (2.2 kb to 2.5 kb).

Clone your favorite gene in an effortless afternoon, and start expression analysis the next day with the Expresso® Cloning and Protein Expression Systems, available with Rhamnose or T7 promoters and SUMO fusion tag to improve protein solubility.


Expressioneering Diagram 600
Figure 1. Diagram Expressioneering Technology

Expressioneering™ Technology uses in vivo homologous recombination to seamlessly clone PCR amplified DNA into specially designed expression vectors without the need for enzymes or purification steps. The desired insert is simply amplified with primers that include 18 bases that overlap with the ends of the Expresso vector. The unpurified PCR amplicon is then mixed with the pre-processed expression plasmid and the high-efficiency competent cells provided, and directly plated on appropriate media.

Expressioneering Technology Options

Expresso Cloning & Protein Expression System Vectors are designed for rapid directional cloning using Expressioneering™ Technology and include the choice of T7 or Rhamnose promoters, N- or C-terminal 6x Histag for protein purification, and cleavable SUMO fusion tag for increased solubility.


Expresso Vectors

Figure 2. pETite and pRham expression vectors

Expresso Rhamnose Promoter

  • Rhamnose-inducible for tunable protein expression
  • Single strain for transformation and expression
  • High-throughput Protein Expression
  • Autoinduction reagents included

Expresso T7 Promoter

  • IPTG-inducible for maximal protein expression
  • Supplied with two competent HI-Control™ strains for cloning and expression

Expresso SUMO Solubility Tag

  • Increases expression efficiency and decreases likelihood of inclusion bodies
  • Recover native protein with SUMO Express Protease.

Expresso Cloning and Expression Kits Selection Guide


  Expresso T7 Expresso Rhamnose
Expresso SUMO Solubility Tag + +
Enzyme-free cloning of PCR products + +
6xHIS tag N-terminal or C-terminal + +
Single host strain for cloning & expression - +
Tunable induction Rhamnose Promoter - +
Auto Induction Reagents - +
T7 Promoter for maximal expression levels + -


Important Product Use Information

This product is the subject of U.S. Patent #6,709,861. Additional patent applications owned by Lucigen Corporation are pending.

The 6xHis tag is licensed from Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., Nutley, NJ and/or Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland and is provided only for the use in research.  Information about licenses for commercial use is available from QIAGEN GmbH, QIAGEN Strasse 1, D-40724 Hilden, Germany. Purification of the 6xHis tagged proteins with Ni-NTA manufactured by QIAGEN is highly recommended for best performances and to avoid poor purification results.