CloneSmart Cloning Kits

CloneSmart® Cloning Kits (pSMART® Vectors)

Lucigen’s unique cloning kits with pre-processed vectors in combination with highly competent cells eliminate hours of tedious preparation and enable efficient cloning.

  • Clone difficult DNAs like AT-rich regions or toxic genes
  • Benefit from transcription- and translation-free cloning and increased insert stability
  • Eliminate screening of recombinants due to <1% background
  • Choose between ampicillin or kanamycin selection
  • Achieve high cloning efficiencies with electrocompetent or chemically competent cells

Ligation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes with no clean-up needed; only a brief heat denaturation is necessary before transformation. Downstream manipulation (e.g, mutagenesis, subsequent insert addition) is facilitated by the minimal vector size (1.7-2.0 kb).

The transcription- and translation-free pSMART vectors contained in the CloneSmart Blunt Cloning Kits minimize many of the problems associated with cloning recalcitrant DNA into conventional plasmid vectors. Vector-driven transcription and translation of the insert DNA is completely eliminated, as these vectors do not contain a promoter or indicator gene that may initiate transcription through the cloning site. Moreover, insert-driven transcription into the vector is blocked by strong terminators flanking the cloning site, enabling the successful cloning of inserts containing coding regions, strong promoters, short repeats, or incompatible secondary structures. The low copy number versions of pSMART further increase the chances of cloning intact sequences that are difficult to maintain in typical vectors. For example, shotgun cloning of an AT-rich genome such as Lactobacillus helveticus in pSMART resulted in 30 times more stable clones than in pUC19. A number of additional difficult-to-clone genes and genomes have been obtained with this technology, see product citations.


pSmart Schematics

Fig.1 High copy (HC) and low copy (LC) versions of the pSMART transcription-free cloning vectors.
Amp, ampicillin resistance gene; Kan, kanamycin resistance gene; Ori, origin of replication; ROP, "Repressor of Primer" copy number gene.

Competent Cells

Kits can be used with any E. coli chemically competent or electrocompetent cells but have been optimized for use with Lucigen’s E.cloni® Electrocompetent Cells and E.cloni® Chemocompetent Cells.

Selection Guide

Clonesmart Table

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