Implen NanoPhotometer

Family of NanoPhotometers®

With the 4th generation NanoPhotometers® by Implen BioCat offers a full line of spectrophotometers including nanovolume (N60/N50), cuvette (C40) and combined nanovolume/cuvette (NP80) models. With the NanoPhotometer® N120 even a 12-channel nanovolume model is available. 

The new NanoPhotometer® product line redefines complete mobile spectroscopy with compact stand-alone operation including up to 8 hours of battery power (optional).

The innovative flexible unit control provides options for controlling the instrument via PC, smartphone, tablet, and optional built-in glove compatible LCD touchscreen.

The New NanoPhotometer® models still offer the smallest sample requirement (0.3 µl), built-in vortexer, broad dynamic range, fast scan times, and lifelong accuracy without need for maintenance or recalibration.

The NanoPhotometer® N120 even allows the analysis of up to 12 samples (2µl) at a time over a wide concentration range (2-8,000 ng/μl dsDNA). It provides reliable data for the accurate determination of sample purity ratios, while reducing operational steps for the user by 33%. High resolution full scan data is generated in as little as 1.7 seconds per sample.

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