Hi-C & HiChIP Chomosomal Structure Analysis

Arima-HiC and Arima-HiChIP

Expedite time to insight with a simple and rapid Hi-C or HiChIP workflow

The Arima-HiC technology is characterized by a highly simplified and robust protocol that streamlines Hi-C and HiChIP experiments followed by library prep and next-generation sequencing.

  • Improved resolution and genome coverage
  • Best-in-class inter-contig Hi-C signal across sample types
  • Rapid and robust protocols and reproducible results
  • Single-tube chemistry
  • Increased long-range signal

Hi-C and HiChIP are proximity ligation methods that capture the three-dimensional organizational structure and long-range gene regulatory interactions of chromatin. Post-sequencing, this data can be used for multiple genomic applications such as:

  • Identification of promoter-enhancer interactions for gene regulation studies
  • Hi-C scaffolding of contigs for genome assemblies to define chromosomes de novo

Introduction to the Arima-HiC Workflow



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