Microbiome DNA Preparation Kits

Microbiome DNA Preparation Kits

Shoreline Rapid Prep provides quick and easy lysis and DNA purification for customers who need a better solution for high-molecular-weight (HMW) DNA prep for their own microbiome analysis methods.

The Shoreline Biome DNA preparation kit lyses the most difficult microbes that are mostly, or even entirely, missed by standard DNA preparation methods. In addition, the long nucleic acid strands produced from our kits allows complete analysis on unfragmented genomic DNA. This ensures that your final results reflect the taxonomic diversity and microbial population ratios in your samples of interest.

The proprietary process and reagents result in uniform lysis of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria — including those difficult-to-lyse firmicutes and spores — delivering high molecular weight dsDNA (HMW dsDNA) in under two minutes.

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