Sample Loading & Capillary Electrophoresis

TruePure Formamide and PwrPOP CE Polymers

TruePure Formamide for sample resuspension and PwrPOP Polymers for capillary electrophoresis are cost-effective high-quality reagents for Sanger Sequencing. They work well together with sequencing reaction samples using BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistries.

Resuspending the sample in highly deionized TruPure™ formamide, before injection helps stabilize the DNA fragments and maintain consistent signals for both long and short fragments. High-quality polymers such as PwrPOP™ Polymers allow robust separation on Capillary Electrophoresis with appropriate peak space for long read length. Separation of shorter and longer fragments is possible based on sizes.

BioCat also offers ADS™ Conformational Analysis Polymer (CAP) which can be used to detect DNA conformational changes for non-denaturing polynucleotide fragment analysis applications.