NGS Targeted Sequencing

NGS Targeted Sequencing

Focus on your genome area of interest

Targeted next generation sequencing allows you to sequence specific areas of the genome. Compared to whole genome sequencing (WGS) it generally requires less sample input and provides a more rapid and cost-effective in-depth analysis to detect known and novel variants within your region of interest. It is particularly helpful for genotyping, detecting rare variants, and exome sequencing. Widely used methods include hybridization capture and amplicon sequencing.

Hybridization Capture

Hybridization capture uses biotinylated oligonucleotide baits (probes) to hybridize to the regions of interest. BioCat offers Custom and Predesigned Expert myBaits Capture Kits from Arbor Bioscienes that provide in-solution biotinylated probes complementary to sequences of interest, which allow rapid, selective target enrichment for highly cost-effective next-generation sequencing.

Mybaits Workflow Protocol Ta

Target Amplicon Sequencing (TAS)

Targeted Amplicon Panels for next-generation sequencing utilize multiple overlapping amplicons to sequence a specific region of interest. BioCat offers Amplicon Panels from Swift Biosciences available as expertly pre-designed NGS Panels including assays for cancer genes, rare disease and sample tracking as well as custom designed panels specific for your needs.

These panels can be combined with the revolutionary Swift Normalase Technology for a high throughput enzymatic library normalization, replacing conventional library quantification and normalization for more evenly balanced sequence data.

Amplicon Panel Scheme

Additonal Amplicon Panels from our partner Shoreline Biome for 16S Microbiome Sequencing can be found here.

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