Celemics Target Enrichment Panels

Celemics Target Enrichment Panels

Performance-validated target enrichment panels to selectively analyze specific regional sequences of genomes

Celemics‘ Target Enrichment Panels use hybridization-based capture technology for separation and analysis of specific regional sequences of entire genomes. It can also accurately analyze all types of mutations, such as SNV, InDel, CNV, and Rearrangement.

Celemics Target Enrichment Panels utilize their intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular barcode technologies to efficiently analyze not only hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions but also tiny amounts of damaged DNA or RNA originated from circulating tumor cells or FFPE samples.

For all Customized and Ready-to-Use Panels, Celemics uses standard DNA samples to run product QC for wet-lab tests, NGS runs, and bioinformatics up to the standard of the actual product used by our clients, and also provide detailed QC information as well.

Through this process, they can reduce both the possibility of experimental failure and the time and costs involved with our clients evaluating the products themselves. Additionally, through their proprietary 2-step mass production technology, they can manufacture high quality reproducible customized panels, which makes first-time-use clients to have their subsequent orders.

All panels are compatible with all currently available NGS platforms, such as Illumina, Ion Torrent (Thermo), Pacific Bioscience, and MGI, and provide bioinformatics software for data analysis. Celemics Panels for Illumina instruments are shown below. Please contact us for Panels compatible with the other platforms.  


Specs Celemics

All Target Enrichment Panels can be purchased in three different packaging options:

  • Target Enrichment: Target Enrichment Kit
  • Standard: Target Enrichment Kit & Library Preparation Kit
  • All-In-One: Target Enrichment Kit & Library Preparation Kit & Bead & Polymerase

Features & Benefits

  • Real QC of all customized panels: Celemics is the only company to provide detailed QC information for all wet-lab experiments, NGS runs and bioinformatics using standard DNA samples when developing Customized Panels


    Rebalancing allows researchers to redesign probes against the requested regions to increase capture efficiency and produce high uniformity.

  • Industry-leading capture performance: Industry-leading on-target ratio, coverage and uniformity
  • High performance, even in areas difficult to analyze: While other companies purposely mask hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions, making important mutation analysis difficult, Celemics uses their proprietary technology to guarantee excellent capture capabilities, even in these areas.

    Celemics Performance

    When compared with company A products, Celemics panels show superior performance for the target regions that are AT-and GC-rich, preventing additional experimentation and costs.

  • Pre-capture pooling applicable: Capable of analyzing several sample libraries through one capture by attaching sample indices beforehand when creating libraries, significantly decreasing experimental hands-on time and cost.
  • Gene Add-on service for expending the panels: Decrease of novel panel development time and cost through the addition of newly discovered genes or general panel expansion to already existing client panels
  • Support of enzymatic DNA fragmentation: Enabling of experimentation without specific gDNA shearing equipment through the support of ultrasonic-based mechanical shearing and enzymatic fragmentation