High-quality building blocks for any PCR reaction

All our dNTPs undergo stringent purification steps as determined by quantitative HPLC and possess ≥99% purity to enhance incorporation and yield optimal results. Consequently, these ultra-high purity dNTPs are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications from PCR, including low copy number and long-range PCR, to qPCR, cDNA synthesis, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA sequencing and microarrays.

Our partner Meridian Biosciences (Bioline) is one of only a few manufacturers of deoxynucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs) in the world. From the company’s foundation to the present, Bioline has been actively involved in the development and manufacture of dNTPs that meet the very highest purity standards. A further assurance of Bioline's dNTP quality is the ISO 13485 certification of their purpose built state-of-the-art nucleotide manufacturing facilities in Germany. 

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