Probe-based qPCR

SensiFAST Probe Kits

SensiFAST™ Probe Kits have been developed for fast qPCR and are designed for superior sensitivity and specificity with probe-detection technology, including TaqMan®, Molecular Beacon and Scorpions® probes.

A combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and PCR enhancers, in conjunction with an antibody-mediated polymerase promote rapid, consistently accurate detection of DNA and RNA targets from a broad range of sample types.

  • Improved consistency between technical replicates
  • Reliable quantitation of low abundance targets
  • Reproducible, accurate results in as little as 30 minutes
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start minimizes non-specific amplification
  • Excellent efficiency for improved multiplexing

To find the optimal SensiFAST kit for your real-time PCR instrument and application, you can also use this
Real-Time PCR Selection Chart

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