shRNA Target Gene Sets

shRNA Target Gene Sets

When selecting the shRNA Target Gene Set to knockdown your gene of interest, you can choose between two highly developed systems, shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Sets and HuSH-29 Hairpin Expression Constructs.

shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Sets

The shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Sets developed by transOMIC are designed using the proprietary shERWOOD algorithm developed and validated in Dr. Gregory Hannon's laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. An alternate microRNA scaffold "UltramiR" has been optimized for increased shRNA processing and potency based on new information on the key determinants for primary microRNA processing.

  • shERWOOD algorithm design for superior knockdown performance
  • UltramiR scaffold for increased shRNA processing and potency
  • Minimized off-target effects
  • All transcripts for a gene are targeted for the most complete knockdown
  • Every shRNA is guaranteed to knockdown its intended target*
  • Set of 3 target-specific constructs and a non-targeting negative control
*All shRNA constructs in a target gene set are guaranteed to knockdown mRNA expression by >70%. Cell line of choice should demonstrate expression of the target gene using the non-targeting controls and should demonstrate gene knockdown using positive control shRNA (targeting PTEN or GAPDH). 

HuSH-29 Hairpin Expression Constructs

The well-known HuSH-29 Hairpin Expression Constructs are characterized by improved efficacy and lowest interferon response. OriGene uses a proven 29-mer short hairpin design, which has been demonstrated to be more effective than conventional 21-mer versions. Steps have been taken to continually improve and optimize the algorithm used in sequence selection for HuSH-29 shRNA products. 

  • Genome-wide coverage for human, mouse and rat 
  • Multiple vector selection: Lentiviral, Retroviral or AAV
  • Multiple reporter selection: tGFP, tRFP, no reporter
  • Guaranteed knockdown of ≥70%*
  • Set of 4 gene-specific shRNAs and a scrambled negative control
  • Custom shRNA service is also available
*For all HuSH shRNA products, OriGene provides a performance guarantee. If a set of OriGene constructs fails to produce at least 70% gene expression knockdown, our scientists will work with you to pinpoint the problem and, if necessary, OriGene will replace your HuSH constructs with another set against that target gene, free of charge.