Histone Modification Assays

Screen and quantify up to 21 different H3 or 10 different H4 modifications using ELISA-like kits

To investigate several different histone H3 or H4 modifications simultaneously using just one simple kit, choose from EpigenTek's EpiQuik Histone Modification Multiplex Assays enabling you to quickly screen for and measure up to 21 different histone H3 or 10 different histone H4 patterns in less than 2.5 hours. An assay for analyzing H3 modification patterns directly from plasma/serum is also offered.

  • Versatile - simultaneous analysis of H3 or H4 methylation, acetylation and phosphorylation
  • High sensitivity - detection limit as low as 0.5 ng/well for each modification pattern 
  • Fast - the entire procedure can be finished within 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Easy - ELISA-like protocol

How it works

Histone Multiplex Assays

Working principle of the EpiQuik Histone H3 and H4 Modification Multiplex Assays (Colorimetric). 


Histone Modification Assays

Histones are primary protein components of eukaryotic chromatin and play a role in gene regulation. H3 and H4 histones have tails protruding from the nucleosome that can be modified post-translationally to alter the histone's interactions with DNA and nuclear proteins, leading to epigenetic changes for regulating many normal and disease-related processes. Abnormal histone modification patterns have been associated with many different diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory and neurological diseases. Therefore, detection of histone modifications provides useful information for a better understanding of epigenetic regulation of gene activation and silencing, histone modification-associated pathological disease processes, as well as for developing histone modification-targeted drugs.

Our partner EpigenTek has developed a complete series of kits available for the quantification of methylation, acetylation, and phosphorylation of H3 or H4 histones at all sites.

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