Bringing Epigenetics to Life

Our partner EpiCypher offers cutting-edge tools and services for epigenetics and chromatin biology research. EpiCypher pioneered the manufacture of designer recombinant nucleosomes that contain defined post-translational modifications. Their SNAP-ChIP, is the gold standard for antibody validation for chromatin IP, and also serves as the most reproducible spike-in for normalizing ChIP and ChIP-seq assays.

CUTANA ChIC / CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag Assays combine antibody-targeted controlled cleavage with massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify the binding sites of DNA-associated proteins with high resolution, at a fraction of the time and cost of standard ChIP-seq experiments. 

EpiCypher also develops assays for chromatin-modifying enzymes and PTM-binding proteins using a variety of readouts, such as Alpha, FRET and radioactivity, employing nucleosome or peptide-based substrates.

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Recombinant Nucleosomes
    1. CUTANA CUT&RUN Assays
    2. CUTANA CUT&Tag Assays
    1. Histone Peptides
    2. Histone Peptide Arrays
    1. SNAP-ChIP Certified Histone Modification Antibodies
    1. Recombinant Histones
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