General Biosystems

Experts in Custom & High-Throughput DNA Synthesis

For many years BioCat partners with General Biosystems for our Gene Synthesis Services.

Scientists at General Biosystems have always been at the frontline of genomics, synthetic biology and bioengineering. In fact, they have been involved in decoding the human genome and the genomes of various other organisms, but also have contributed to major cancer genome projects with the goal to understand the genetic cause of cancer and other genetic diseases.

General Biosystems has pioneered the technology of using microchips to economically synthesize oligonucleotide pools and gene libraries, and has built the world's first parallel on-chip gene synthesizer. In addition, state-of-the-art software programs to design and optimize complex gene libraries and genetic systems have been developed and deployed. 

With a top-level expert team, most advanced equipment, sophisticated gene design and optimization software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity with outstanding quality and fast turnaround times to suit BioCat customers' needs.

Gene fragment synthesis, mutagenesis and plasmid purification services are offered as well.

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