Direct, definitive Genomics

For 10 years our partner KromaTiD has been working large pharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy companies to develop assays and data using their propriatary methodologies and technologies. They are focused on the discovery and detection of complex genetic changes; detecting structural variations quicker than that of  competitors.

KromaTiD's patented technology, known as directional Genomic Hybridization™ (dGH) combines bioinformatics driven design of unique single-stranded synthetic oligonucleotide probes with strand-specific hybridization strategies, with lower limits of detection in 2kb range. KormaTiD  offers the only genomics approach capable of detecting DNA sequence, location and orientation in one single test.

A wide range of DNA probe products; chromosome paints and probes; assay services and high-quality cell culture services is offered. Their main applications include cell and gene therapy, gene editing, oncology studies, and radiation biodosimetry.

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