Loop Genomics

Long-Read NGS on Illumina Plattforms

BioCat's partner Loop Genomics has developed a synthetic long-read sequencing technology that leverages existing Illumina short-read sequencers coupled with LoopSeq barcoding technology to enable long-read,  single-molecule sequencing on any Illumina infrastructure.

The Loop Genomics long-read library preparation kits are designed to tag DNA/RNA molecules with DNA barcodes and to copy and paste those barcodes intra-molecularly throughout long molecules. Once the barcodes are distributed intra-molecularly, libraries are converted into a standard short-read library and sequenced on any short-read sequencer. After sequencing, reads with the same barcodes are grouped together and assembled back into the longer molecules that were tagged by those barcodes using Loop Genomics’ software. The LoopSeq sequencing technology is used to assemble genomes, microbiomes, transcriptomes or targeted amplicons from long reads, providing additional, previously inaccessible layers of information from Illumina sequencers.


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