Scipio Bioscience

Versatile & Accessible Single-Cell Analysis powered by Hydrogel Technology

Our partner Scipio bioscience is a Paris-based biotech startup developing, manufacturing and selling laboratory kits and analysis software for single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq).

Single-cell sequencing is a most promising technology which greatly enhances possibilities of existing bulk genomic sequencing. Scipio‘s goal is to enable all life-science researchers to easily access this new single-cell technology by providing sample preparation for single-cell transcriptomics without the need of substantial investment and running costs of existing technologies, while attaining the flexibility and scalability required in state-of-the-art research.

Scipio bioscience exploits a proprietary technology for preparation of barcoded samples for single-cell profiling. Based on a novel combination of established biochemical and biophysical approaches, the Scipio technology achieves single-cell barcoding in a test tube format. Their first commercial solution consists of the Asteria benchtop kit for sample preparation and the Cytonaut cloud-based software service for analysis of sequencing results.

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