Shoreline Biome

The easiest all-in-one microbiome solution

BioCat's partner Shoreline Biome develops leading microbiome technologies and products to advance microbiome research. Their easy-to-use, cost-effective tools and reagents support end-to-end microbiome analysis.

Shoreline Biome’s all-in-one, easy-to-use microbiome assay kits and software are the solution for researchers at all levels seeking complete, high-quality microbiome assay data. Their fast, complete, and uncomplicated workflow is designed to transform your complex samples from lysis to sequencing to analysis with precise and actionable results.

Researchers at the forefront of microbiome research trust their products to generate reliable data while reducing sample handling and analysis time eliminating the need to build their own end-to-end solution.

The Technology

Shoreline Biome’s proprietary technology combines a series of innovations; lysis, DNA prep, and PCR to significantly reduce hands-on time and time-to-result while improving coverage and representation of bacteria in microbiome samples.

While many lysis techniques fail to uniformly open the diverse array of cells in microbiome samples, Shoreline Biome’s lysis process rapidly and uniformly extracts DNA with very little handling. Their kit’s single-step PCR (with accompanying barcodes) allows pooling of 100s of samples per run.

In addition, for their long read PacBio and Oxford Nanopore amplicon kits, the SBanalyzer software presents a simple GUI optimized for barcode ID, sample sorting, and taxonomic classification using their Athena Microbial Reference Database in a simple informatic workflow.

Shoreline Biome Workflow


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