Swift Biosciences

Transforming NGS Library Preparation

Our valued and premier partner Swift Biosciences develops and commercializes next generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation kits that enable technologies for genomics, translational, and clinical research.

Their kits are designed to maximize data output, provide the most comprehensive coverage available on the market and reduce sequencing costs. They allow customers to analyze samples faster, easier, and with greater sensitivity and accuracy while being compatible with leading NGS instrumentation. 

Swift Biosciences’ proprietary technologies expand the range of sample inputs to extend the applications of NGS. 

The Swift Library Kits are optimized to facilitate library normalization and to analyze DNA and RNA samples for applications including liquid biopsy (circulating, cell-free DNA), methylation sequencing, whole genome, exome and transcriptome sequencing as well as chromatin studies, from low input quantities and from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples.

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