Since 2017 BioCat has been your competent partner for successful custom peptide synthesis, allowing you to request peptides up to 130 aa length with a variety of modifications to meet any research need.

You may also choose different quantities and purities for each peptide. Synthesis scales range from 5 mg up to several hundred grams, and purities from crude to >98%. In addition, customized solutions tailored for your aliquoting requirement are offered.
Our success rate of > 98% is well above industry standard enabling us to pursue a „no peptide, no charge“ policy. Contact us now, to get your project started!

Custom Peptide Synthesis Pricing

Purity of Peptide Starting Price   Guidelines and FAQs
Crude 4,00 €/aa*  
> 75% 9,00 €/aa*
> 85% 12,00 €/aa*
> 90% 14,00 €/aa*
> 95% 15,00 €/aa*
> 98 % 23,00 €/aa*

*Final price of desired peptide may vary depending on its length and complexity.