Purity of Peptide Starting Price
Crude 4,00 €/aa*
> 75% 9,00 €/aa*
> 85% 12,00 €/aa*
> 90% 14,00 €/aa*
> 95% 15,00 €/aa*
> 98 % 23,00 €/aa*

*Final price of desired peptide may vary depending on its length and complexity.

Since 2017 BioCat has been your competent partner for successful custom peptide synthesis, allowing you to request peptides up to 120 aa length with a variety of possible N- and C-terminal as well as intramolecular amino acid modifications. You may also choose different quantities and purities for each peptide.

Our success rate of > 98% is well above industry standard enabling us to pursue a „no peptide, no charge“ policy. Contact us now, to get your project started!