PwrPOP P7 polymer for 3730 series

PwrPOP™ polymers are high-quality CE polymers compatible with ABI instruments and buffers. They can be used as cost-effective alternatives to POP™ -4, POP™ -6, and POP™ -7 polymers, respectively, as separation matrices for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.PwrPOP™ polymers work well together with sequencing reaction samples using BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistries.

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Product Description

  • Optimized for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis
  • Even peak separation for long read
  • Cost-effective

PwrPOP-7 (eq. POP-7) is a versatile polymer for both short and long sequencing and fragment analysis in short time.

Matching Analyzers

PwrPOP™ P7 polymer can be used for 3130, and 3730 series of genetic analyzers for sequencing and fragment analysis.

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