CUTANA Compatible Antibodies meet the criteria for performance in Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease (CUT&RUN) and/or Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation (CUT&Tag) approaches to genomic mapping.

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NCOA3 (SRC3) antibody shows CUT&RUN peaks in response to estradiol stimulation (Figure 1) that overlap with known estrogen response element (ERE) binding motifs (Figure 2). SRC3 CUT&RUN peaks also overlap with ER alpha antibodies (N- and C-term; 13-2011-EPC and 13-2012-EPC respectively) (Figure 2).


13 2013 Heatmap 500

Figure 1: SRC3 enrichment in CUT&RUN. Serum-starved MCF7 cells were treated with 100 nM estradiol (E2) or vehicle control for 45 minutes. CUT&RUN was performed using 500,000 cells with 0.5 µg of each indicated antibody (gray text). Heatmap shows CUT&RUN enrichment in aligned rows ranked by intensity (top to bottom; relative to ER alpha C-term (13-2012-EPC)). Red indicates high localized enrichment and blue denotes background signal.


13 2013 Peaks 600

Figure 2: SRC3 peak analysis in CUT&RUN. Peaks from the E2- treated samples in Figure 1 were called using MACS2. (A) The number of SRC3 peaks which fall into distinct classes of functionally annotated genomic regions is plotted. (B) Homer analysis determined that the ERE consensus motif, represented as a sequence logo position weight matrix, was enriched under SRC3 peaks. (C) The number of SRC3 peaks containing consensus motifs from panel B is shown by Venn Diagram. (D) The number of SRC3 peaks that overlap with ER alpha C-term (13-2012) and ER alpha N-term (13-2011) antibodies are represented by Venn Diagram.

Every lot of a CUTANA Compatible antibody is tested in the indicated CUTANA approach using EpiCypher optimized protocols and determined to yield peaks that show a genomic distribution pattern consistent with reported function(s) of the target protein.

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