ADS Capillary Regeneration Kit for 3130 series

The ADS™ Capillary Regeneration Kit is designed to regenerate and clean capillary arrays in ABI Sequencing Analyzer 3130 and 3730 series to extend the lifespan of arrays. It offers a quick and easy protocol to completely rejuvenate the resolution of a failing capillary separation and provides significant savings.

User Manual Brochure

Product Description

  • Easy implementation
  • On instrument protocol
  • No capillary assembly / disassembly
  • Short hands-on time
  • Cost-effective

The ADS Array Regeneration Kit can revitalize your old capillaries and create significant savings.

Kit components

The kit contains 4 vials of buffers for array regeneration: Buffer 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Impact of capillary regeneration on signal intensity

Chart Regeneration

ADS™ Capillary Array Regeneration Kit provides much better signal intensity and read length (bottom panel) compared to data prior to regeneration (top panel).

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