Recombinant Human Coagulation Factor II (F2)

Molecular Weight: Recombinant protein product has a calculated molecular mass of 65 kDa. Due to the abundant glycosylation, it migrates as approximately 75 kDa protein band in SDS-PAGE under DTT, beta-mercaptoethanol reducing conditions. After deglycosylation under denatur
Tag: N-terminal his-tag
Source: Human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293) cells
Purity: >95%
Format: Lyophilized powder
Additional Information
Synonyms: Coagulation Factor II, Thrombin, Prepro-Coagulation Factor II, Coagulation Factor II, EC, Coagulation Factor II (Thrombin), Prothrombin B-Chain, Serine Protease, Prothrombin, EC 3.4.21, RPRGL2, THPH1, PT
Organism: Human


Expression Region: Full length

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