TaqMan 2X PCR Master Mix

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Norgen’s TaqMan® 2x PCR Master Mix is a ready-to-use TaqMan® 2x PCR Master Mix solution that contains a PCR internal control which can be detected by HEX/VIC channel in a real-time PCR machine. By detecting the internal control users can validate the DNA template quality, thereby preventing any false negatives in the PCR results. The user needs only to add template, target TaqMan® primer/probe mix and water to set up the TaqMan® real-time PCR.

  • Use with Norgen's TaqMan® Probe/Primer and Control Sets
  • For any PCR application where the input template quality is important to avoid false negatives
  • Convenience and time savings
  • Cost efficient
  • High sensitivity

PCR Control

TaqMan® 2x PCR Master Mix contains PCR control primers/probe (HEX/VIC) and PCR control template. The PCR control reaction in the TaqMan® 2x PCR Master Mix is optimized to not interfere with target amplification. The fluorescence of the target probe should not be HEX/VIC.

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