Accel-NGS® Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit for Illumina

Low-input Methylation Sequencing

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The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit maximizes DNA recovery of bisulfite-converted samples, to support inputs down to single cell. The kit provides the most comprehensive, uniform coverage of the methylome to support whole genome and targeted sequencing. The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq Kit is also compatible with bisulfite-converted DNA samples enriched by ChIP or other methods as well as ancient DNA samples that may be deaminated.


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  • Best sample representation with ultra low bias
  • Simple, 2-hour protocol for inputs from 100 pg to 100 ng


  • Uniform coverage improves sensitivity
  • Reveals the complete methylome
  • Enables low input liquid biopsy/cfDNA
  • Compatible with multiple sample types

Supported Applications

  • WGBS (Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing)
  • RRBS (Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing)
  • Hybridization capture using NimbleGen™ SeqCap™ Epi Enrichment System
  • Bisulfite-converted DNA enriched by MeDIP, ChIP, or other methods
  • Ancient DNA samples that may contain uracil nucleotides as a result of damage

An Indexing Kit is required for complete functionality 

Single Indexing Primers:

Combinatorial Dual Indexing Primers:

Unique Dual Indexing Primers:

Compatibility with Normalase technology

The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit can be paired with the Swift Normalase Kit

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