myBaits Custom 100K-120K

Custom target capture kits provide in-solution biotinylated probes complementary to sequences of interest, which allow rapid, selective target enrichment for highly cost-effective next-generation sequencing (NGS)

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Product Description

  • Save orders of magnitude in NGS costs per sample by sequencing only genes of interest
  • Kit sizes available for any size project
  • Free bait and project design assistance from a team of expert scientists
  • Each order includes probes and hybridization/washing reagents

Hybridization capture of NGS library molecules using biotinylated probes provides the best overall balance of ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By designing a myBaits Custom Kit for your next targeted sequencing project, you can bring down the cost per sample AND increase the accuracy and power of your data analysis. Highly effective myBaits hyb capture probes can be designed to enrich a target as small single locus for a single organism, or as broad as tens of thousands of loci from an entire taxonomic group.

While hybridization capture reagents are available from multiple vendors, only myBaits® Custom Kits offer the optimal balance of flexibility and performance. A proprietary oligo synthesis platform allows to manufacture fully customized probes at any scale and level of complexity, making them suitable for any project type and budget.

Daicel Arbor Biosciences is an expert in the design of hyb capture probes, and the team of scientist project advisers has years of experience with an enormous variety of sample types and project goals, such as:

  •  ancient DNA
  •  metagenomics
  • microbiology
  • phylogenetics
  • environmental DNA
  • pathogen sequencing
  • RNA-seq
  • and more

Total RNA-Seq samples are highly complex, and typically require deep sequencing to fully resolve the signal of relatively rare transcripts of interest. With myBaits Custom Hybridization Capture Kits, it is easy to design a customized enrichment panel for just your genes of interest, which can then be used to “enrich” those targets from a complex NGS library prior to RNA-Seq. In-solution hybridization capture reduces per-sample sequencing costs by orders of magnitude while still preserving the essential gene expression signals.

Performance Data RNA-Seq

High Accuracy and Reproducibility of myBaits cDNA RenSeq Enrichment

Mybaits Cdna Renseq Figure 1

Figure 1. (A) A scatter plot of log2 read counts of NLR genes shows a high correlation between cDNA RenSeq and deep RNA-Seq libraries. (B) Hierarchical clustering of gene expression in different tissues. Data analyzed from Steuernagel et al (2018, BioRxiv). Read more about this study in our featured Application Note.


myBaits Enrichment of Rare Transcripts Enables High Coverage Sequencing

Mybaits Rare Transcript Detection Figure2

Figure 2. A high level of antisense RNA transcription of the Pcdhα alternate exons was revealed by myBaits Custom RNA-Seq capture with high confidence from increased coverage. Orange bar: myBaits for Pcdh α and γ clusters. Image based on Figure S1.E from Canzio et al (2019, Cell). Read more about this study in our featured Publication Note.


High correlation and reproducibility of myBaits pathogen RNA-Seq capture

Mybaits Pathogen Candida Correlation Figure 3

Figure 3. High correlation and reproducibility of myBaits pathogen RNA-Seq capture. Scatter plots of log2 reads counts from three replicates show a high correlation between enriched and non-enriched (shotgun) pathogen transcript read counts. The reads were obtained from a sample of host RNA spiked with 0.3% pathogen RNA.

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