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Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE) is target capture of genome-wide DNA from a complex DNA source

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Product Description

  • Premade Human Baits – Ready to ship for ancient DNA
  • Custom Bait Sets – Select from an organism of interest
  • Efficient genome-wide sequencing – Isolate genome of interest from complex samples
  • Cost-effective genomic bait manufacturing – Savings on baits and sequencing costs
  • Perfect for exploratory studies – Sequenced genome is not required

Daicel Arbor Biosciences’ WGE bait manufacturing technology can cost-effectively produce biotinylated RNA baits representative of an entire nuclear genome. This allows for bulk enrichment of genome-wide endogenous DNA from complex metagenomic samples, such as environmental or ancient DNA. To manufacture custom WGE baits, all that is required is a sample of high-quality genomic DNA from an organism of interest, or a close relative, even if the genome has not been sequenced.

Recovering appreciable full-genome coverage from metagenomic, environmental, or ancient DNA samples with only shotgun sequencing data is likely to be both expensive and bioinformatically intense. Standard and custom WGE kits from Daicel Arbor Biosciences can help overcome these challenges. Discover how myBaits WGE kits can dramatically increase the percentage of endogenous DNA reads from an NGS dataset.

Due to the very deep requisite sequencing depths required to observe appreciable coverage of whole-genome data, especially from degraded or complex samples, Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE) kits are generally best suited for exploratory research projects. If the goal is to recover specific genes or markers of interest, then a focused custom myBaits panel is more appropriate for maximizing sequencing efficiency. If WGE is the proper application of choice, premade and custom WGE kits from Daicel Arbor Biosciences can help overcome many of these challenges.


Wge Illustration 600

Figure 1. Schematic demonstrating the production and typical application of myBaits WGE kits.

Baits can be produced from any pure eukaryotic or prokaryotic genomic DNA source, for example modern elephant. Daicel Arbor Biosciences’ unique process coverts this gDNA into a pool of biotinylated RNA baits. These baits can then enrich corresponding molecules from a user-supplied NGS library, for example from an ancient mammoth, via the process of myBaits in-solution hybridization capture. This enriched library allows for orders-of-magnitude more efficient NGS than would be possible using the full, non-enriched library.

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