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Mitogenome sequencing is popular for phylogenetics, population genetics, species identification, barcoding, and more

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  • Optimized performance for immediate results
  • Perfect for new or expert NGS users
  • Works even in samples with degraded or ancient DNA
  • Mix-and-match different panels for multi-species studies
  • Combine with custom baits for additional flexibility

Due to high endogenous copy numbers of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in each cell, it provides a favorable recovery from a variety of sample sources, even degraded or environmental DNA. Given the abundance of sample DNA and reduced genome size of mitochondria, this technique delivers a cost-effective solution for efficient mtDNA enrichment and NGS analysis for a range of human and other animal species. The haploid, maternally-inherited mitogenome has been a popular target for a variety of genetics research applications.

myBaits Mito panels from Daicel Arbor Biosciences are pre-designed with bait length, tiling density, and bait concentration appropriate for enriching mtDNA from any type of specimen, whether fresh, agricultural, environmental, forensic, ancient, or archival material. myBaits Mito panels are offered from a wide variety of organisms, including those highly relevant for archaeological or forensic research such as human, dog, horse, sheep, and many more.

Available In-stock Panels

If an organism of interest is not listed in this table, please contact us for potential availability of other mitogenome baitsets.

Category Common Name Scientific Name Ref or NCBI Accession
Human Human, Modern Global H. sapiens Representative Global Diversity Panel (197 sequences) Design Credit: “Ana Duggan, Hendrik Poinar, & Renaud et al (2015)”
Human Human, rCRS H. sapiens sapiens (Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence) NC_012920
Human Human, RSRS H. sapiens Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence Behar et al (2012) /
Human Human, Neanderthal Homo sapiens neanderthalensis NC_011137
Mammalia > Primates AyeAye Daubentonia madagascariensis NC_010299
Mammalia > Primates Potto Perodicticus potto KC757407.1
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Bison, American Bison bison NC_012346
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Bison, Steppe Bison priscus NC_027233
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Cow/Cattle Bos taurus NC_006853
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Camelops Camelops hesternus KR822421
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Camel, Dromedary Camelus dromedarius NC_009849
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Goat, Domestic Capra hircus NC_005044
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Deer, Red Cervus elephus NC_007704.2
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Horse Equus caballus NC_001640
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Llama Lama glama NC_012102
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Whale, Humpback Megaptera novaeangliae NC_006927.1
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Deer, White-tailed Odocoileus virginianus NC_015247
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Dolphin, Irrawaddy Orcaella brevirostris NC_019590.1
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Muskox Ovibos moschatus NC_020631
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Sheep, Domestic Ovis aries NC_001941
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Sheep, Bighorn Ovis canadensis NC_015889
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Reindeer/Caribou Rangifer tarandus NC_007703
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Pig, Domestic Sus scrofa NC_000845
Mammalia > Artiodactyla Dolphin, Bottlenose Tursiops truncatus NC_012059.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Dog, Domestic Canis lupus familiaris NC_002008
Mammalia > Carnivora Bearded Seal Erignathus barbatus AM181027.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Cat, Domestic Felis catus NC_001700
Mammalia > Carnivora Lion, African Panthera leo leo KF776494.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Leopard Panthera pardus NC_010641
Mammalia > Carnivora Tiger Panthera tigris KP202268.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Ringed Seal Phoca hispida AM181036.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Puma Puma concolor NC_016470
Mammalia > Carnivora Bear, Black Ursus americanus NC_003426.1
Mammalia > Carnivora Bear, Brown Ursus arctos NC_003427
Mammalia > Lagomorpha Hare, European Lepus europaeus NC_004028.1
Mammalia > Lagomorpha Hare, Mountain Lepus timidus NC_024040.1
Mammalia > Lagomorpha Rabbit, Domestic Oryctolagus cuniculus NC_001913
Mammalia > Proboscidea Elephant, African Loxodonta africana NC_000934
Mammalia > Proboscidea Woolly Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius KX027526
Mammalia > Rodentia Hutia Geocapromys KU892767.1-KU892768.1
Mammalia > Rodentia Mouse, House Mus musculus NC_005089
Mammalia > Rodentia Rat, Polynesian Rattus exulans EU273711.1
Mammalia > Rodentia Chipmunk Tamias quadrivittatus KY070142
Reptilia Anolis Anolis carolinensis NC_010972.2
Reptilia Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas JX454990.1
Reptilia Crocodile, Nile Crocodylus niloticus NC_008142
Aves Amazon Parrot Amazona ventralis NC_034679
Aves Chicken Gallus gallus NC_001323
Aves Turkey, Wild Meleagris gallopavo NC_010195.2
Aves Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio NC_025508.1
Aves Parakeet Pyrrhura rupicola NC_028404
Aves Eurasian Woodcock Scolopax rusticola NC_025521
Aves Barn Owl Tyto alba EU410491.1
Fish Mottled Sculpin Cottus bairdii NC_028277.1
Fish Burbot Lota lota NC_004379.1
Fish Round Whitefish Prosopium cylindraceum NC_020764.1
Fish Whale Shark Rhincodon typus NC_023455.1
Fish Salmon, Atlantic Salmo salar NC_001960
Fish Arctic Char Salvelinus alpinus NC_000861
Fish Arctic Grayling Thymallus arcticus NC_012929.1
Nematode C. elegans Caenorhabditis elegans NC_001328.1
Insecta Moth, Indianmeal Plodia interpunctella NC_027961


Performance Data

Mitogenome Coverage Ancientdna Mytobaits Myreads 800

Figure 1. NGS read alignment visualizing DNA library molecules from zooarchaeological ancient DNA specimen successfully enriched with a species-specific myBaits Mito panel. Full mitogenome coverage is obtained. myBaits Mito target capture kits can be purchased for use in any laboratory with user-supplied NGS libraries.


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