myTags 40K Labeled Probe Set, 700 pmol

myTags® labeled probes from our partner Daicel Arbor Biosciences are a simple solution for producing successful hybridization to targets in FISH applications

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Product Description

  • Custom designed probes, specific only to genomic regions of interest
  • Up to tens of thousands of probes per library
  • Use immediately for labeling assays
  • Probes bind only to intended targets, reducing background noise
  • Range of fluorophores available for various microscopy filters

Due to the short size of the probes and the consistent melting temperature range, these probes are able to efficiently cross cell barriers and bind to their intended target in fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) applications. myTags® improve experimental results by reducing non-specific hybridization and background signal which typically occur with traditional BAC catalogFISH probes.

myTags® Labeled probes are delivered ready-to-use at a minimum yield of 700 pmol. The probes can be single- or triple-labeled with a fluorophore of choice, and we can offer assistance in selecting compatible fluorophore combinations for multi-color FISH or other applications requiring multiple fluorophores. For a triple-labeling please order the Triple-label Upgrade in addition. If a desired labeling option is not listed in our standard offering, please contact us for availability.

Labeling Options

Mytags Label Options Recreated Alexa 550

We offer free assistance in designing probes or self-designed probes can be incorporated into the myTags® labeling system.

For those who want to be more flexible in the choice of fluorophores or haptens and generate high-quality labeled probes themselves Arbor Biosciences offers myTags® Immortal Libraries which are amplifiable for endless probe supply.

Design Process

Mytags Designprocess 600

Performance Data

Mytags Potato Fish V2

Figure 1. Identification of potato chromosomes using oligo-based FISH barcode. Photo courtesy of Guilherme Braz and Jiming Jiang.


Reconstitution of myTags® Probes

Protocol Metaphase Chromosome Spread (Human Cells)

DNA FISH Protocol for Metaphase Chromosomes

DNA FISH Protocol for Fixed Human Cells


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