Blue Fluorescent Protein (BFP)

Molecular Weight: 29.0 kDa
Source: E. coli
Purity: ≥97%
Endotoxin Level: <0.1 ng/ug
Format: Freeze Dried
Additional Information
Synonyms: BFP, Blue Fluorescent Protein
Organism: Other


The recombinant Blue Fluorescent Protein (BFP) is expressed and purified from transformed E. coli using a method that ensures high purity and maximal BFP fluorescence. The protein is a 29 kDa monomer with 259 amino acids, pI: 6.17. Ex.= 308-383 nm, Em.= 440-447 nm. The protein is engineered with 6xHis-tag on the N-terminal, which can be used for detection with anti-His-Tag antibody, or protein removal by using Ni++ beads. BFP protein sequence:MGSSHHHHHHSSGLVPRGSHMVSKGEELFTGVVPILVELDGDVNGHKFSVSGEGEGDATY GKLTLKFICTTGKLPVPWPTLVTTLSHGVQCFSRYPDHMKQHDFFKSAMPEGYVQERTIF FKDDGNYKTRAEVKFEGDTLVNRIELKGIDFKEDGNILGHKLEYNFNSHNVYIMADKQKN GIKANFKIRHNIEDGSVQLADHYQQNTPIGDGPVLLPDSHYLSTQSALSKDPNEKRDHMV LLEFVTAAGITLGMDELYK

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