Plasma/Serum Circulating DNA Isolation Maxi Kit slurry format

User Manual
Product Category: Circulating DNA Purification
Sample Type: Plasma/Serum

Product Description

  • Isolate all sizes of circulating DNA from plasma and serum samples
  • Versatile plasma and serum input volumes (2 mL to 10 mL)
  • Concentrate circulating nucleic acids into small elution volumes
  • Isolate inhibitor-free circulating nucleic acids

The kit is able to isolate all sizes of circulating DNA. The slurry format provides an advantage over other available kits in that it does not require extension tubes for the purification of free-circulating DNA from large sample volumes. DNA can be isolated from either fresh or frozen samples using this kit.


Typical yields of purified free-circulating DNA will vary depending on the input sample (1-100ng/mL circulating DNA in human plasma), with more concentrated samples tending to yield more free-circulating nucleic acids. Preparation time for a single sample is less than 45 minutes. The purified plasma/serum free-circulating DNA is eluted in an elution solution that is compatible with PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR and Southern Blot analysis.

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