Plasma/Serum Total cfc-Nucleic Acid Advanced Purification Kit

User Manual
Product Category: Circulating Nucleic Acid Purification
Sample Type: Plasma/Serum

Product Description

  • For rapid and simple combined purification of all sizes of cell-free circulating DNA (cfc-DNA), and circulating tumour DNA (ct-DNA) and circulating/exosomal RNA, including microRNA
  • Versatile plasma/serum input ranging from 1 mL to 6 mL
  • No phenol extractions
  • No carrier RNA
  • Minimal high molecular weight gDNA contamination in the purified cfc-DNA
  • Bind and elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
  • Concentrate circulating RNA and exosomal RNA into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µL to 50 µL
  • Purify superior-quality and superior-quantity RNA in 45 minutes
  • Fully automated purification procedure on Hamilton MicroLab Nimbus
  • Compatible with fresh, preserved or frozen serum/plasma prepared from blood collected on either Norgen's cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes (Cat. 63950, 63960), Cell-Free DNA BCT ® (Streck), EDTA or Citrate
  • Purified RNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including small RNA sequencing

Norgen’s Plasma/Serum Total cfc-Nucleic Acid Advanced Purification Kit provides fast, reliable and simple procedures for isolating the highest quality and quantity of all sizes of circulating DNA and circulating RNA from various amounts of plasma/serum ranging from 1 mL up to 6 mL combined into one elution.

Purification is based on using Norgen’s proprietary resin separation matrix. The kits are designed to isolate total cfc-nucleic acid from either fresh, preserved or frozen plasma/serum samples. Moreover, these kits allow the user to elute the purified cfc-RNA into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µL to 50 µL.

The purified plasma/serum total cfc-nucleic acid is eluted in an Elution Solution that is compatible with all downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR and Southern Blot analysis, microarrays and NGS.

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