Laq™ DNA Polymerase

Thermostable DNA Polymerase with Long, Accurate and Quick polymerization rate

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Laq™ DNA Polymerase is the thermostable DNA polymerase of Pyroccus glycovorans from the East Pacific Rise. It amplifies Long DNA products with high Accurate and Quick polymerization rate in DNA Polymerization Chain Reaction (PCR).

The Laq™ DNA polymerase provides the most accurate, consistent performance with high-fidelity up to mutation frequency as low as 10-7-10-6. The high processivity of the Laq™ DNA Polymerase shortens PCR cycle time to 1/3-1/2 of regular polymerases and amplify up to 10 or 12 kb DNA products.

It can be used in most protocol that requires high fidelity, quick amplification and long PCR reactions.

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