Anti-Calgranulin B Antibody (CAGB/426)

Clonality: Monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Reactivity: Human
Applications: FC, IF, IHC
Additional Information
Synonyms: Leukocyte L1 complex heavy chain, CAGB, Calgranulin-B, Calprotectin L1H subunit, CFAG, CGLB, Cystic fibrosis antigen B, L1AG, Migration inhibitory factor-related protein 14, MRP14, S100A9, S100 calcium-binding protein A9
Gene Symbol: S100A9
Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene ID: 6280
UniProt ID: P06702


Recombinant human CAGB protein


FC: 0.5-1 ug/1X106 cells, IF: 0.5-1 ug/ml, IHC: 0.5-1 ug/ml


Recognizes a 12-14 kDa doublet of Calgranulin A/B (also known as S100A8/A9 or MRP-8/14), expressed by granulocytes, monocytes and by tissue macrophages. The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the S100 family of proteins containing 2 EF-hand calcium-binding motifs. S100 proteins are localized in the cytoplasm and/or nucleus of a wide range of cells, and involved in the regulation of a number of cellular processes such as cell cycle progression and differentiation. Altered expression of this protein is associated with the disease cystic fibrosis. This MAb reacts with neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, and squamous mucosal epithelia and has been shown as an important marker for identifying macrophages in tissue sections.

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