Arima-HiC+ Kit

Accurate and Reproducible Genome Conformation Analyses (Epigenetics)

The Arima-HiC approach uses a highly simplified and robust protocol that streamlines Hi-C to be a 6 hour workflow followed by library prep and and next-generation sequencing. Arima-HiC empowers researchers to leverage Hi-C technology to perform genome-wide and targeted indentification of promotor-enhancer interactions, link non-coding disease-associated variants to target promotors, and uncover how pertubations in genome conformation impact gene regulation in diseases contexts.  

  • Proven Performance - greater accuracy of chromatin loop and topological domain detection even at reduced sequencing depths
  • Fast and user-freindly workflow - rapid 6 hour HiC-workflow
  • Assured quality - rapid and easy library QC steps that accurately predict library quality, ensuring sequencing success
  • Flexible input requirements - support for a broad range of sample types and an optimized protocol for low sample input

Arima-HiC also empowers researchers to leverage HiC-technology to detect and correct misjoin errors in draft assemblies, assign contigs to chromosomes de novo and order and orient contigs into chromosome scale scaffolds.  

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Product Description

Arima-HiC is an experimental workflow that captures the sequence and structure (three-dimensional conformation) of genomes. Arima-HiC has been successfully performed on a wide-range of species from the plant and animal kingdoms. 

Arima-HiC Workflow Overview

Chromatin from a sample source (tissues, cell lines, or blood) is first crosslinked to preserve the genome sequence and structure. The crosslinked chromatin is digested using a restriction enzyme (RE) cocktail. The 5’-overhangs are then filled in, causing the digested ends to be labeled with a biotinylated nucleotide. Next, spatially proximal digested ends of DNA are ligated, capturing the sequence and structure of the genome. The ligated DNA is then purified, producing pure proximally-ligated DNA. The proximally-ligated DNA is fragmented, and the biotinylated fragments are enriched. The enriched fragments are subjected to a custom library preparation protocol utilizing a range of supported commercially available library prep kits, e.g. Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit  from Swift Biosciences for low input samples (see Application Note). Depending on the choice of library prep kit, a separate Arima-HiC Library Prep user guide is provided that contains a custom protocol for converting proximally-ligated DNA to Arima-HiC libraries.


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Sequencing and Data Analysis

Arima-HiC libraries are sequenced via Illumina® sequencers in “paired-end” mode. The tools necessary for analyzing the resulting data depend on the application.


  • 3D genome conformation studies (see data sheet 2)
  • Identification and visualization of TADs, loops, or other features (see data sheet 1)

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