Glass Slide Incubation Chamber and Frame, 16-well

1 Slide Incubation Chamber and Frame for use with RayBio® Glass Slide Arrays

Product Description

Slide Incubation Chamber - A multi-well gasket which sits ontop of a standard histology slide. The chamber creates secure wells on the slide which allows the analysis of multiple samples on a single slide without cross contamination.
Slide Frame - Two plastic clips that hold the incubation chamber in place during the experiment.

Three chambers with different numbers of wells

There are chambers with 2, 4 and 16 wells for different array types available:


Number of Wells Array Type Item Code
2 Wells Human and Mouse L-Series, glycome arrays, Glycan 300 AA-FRAME-G2-RB
4 Wells Rat L-Series, Allergen protein array, Glycan 100 AA-FRAME-G4-RB
16 Wells Quantibody, G-Series, Allergen Protein Array, Lung Cancer Protein Arrays AA-FRAME-G16-RB

Three Slide Assesmblies

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