ViraDuctin™ Adenovirus Transduction Kit (10 Transductions)

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Product Description

  • Increases transduction efficiency of adenovirus up to 12-fold in cells expressing little or no CAR (coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor)
  • May also increase efficiency in some CAR-expressing cells
  • Requires only a short incubation prior to infection

A limiting step in adenoviral uptake is the entry into target cells, which is mediated by the coxsackievirus–adenovirus receptor (CAR) and cellular alphavbeta integrins. In many cell types, these receptors are either absent or expressed at low levels, leading to poor transduction efficiency by adenovirus. For instance, most stem cells and fibroblast-type cells are poorly infected by adenoviral vectors because of low expression of CAR.

ViraDuctin Adenovirus Transduction Reagent is a proprietary formulation for the high level adenovirus transduction on cells with no or low levels of CAR.

After forming a complex with virus in culture medium, ViraDuctin provides the following advantages:

  • Higher transduction efficiency in cells with no or low levels of CAR
  • Increase in both the total number of transduced cells and the level of transgene expression per cell
  • Ideal for transduction of nonpermissive cells such as hematopoietic cells and stem cells
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