MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit

MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit provides quick and easy extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissue types. The MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit maximizes sensitivity while simultaneously minimizing contamination risks to deliver greater experiment success rates.

  • Fast – single-tube protocol that eliminates wash steps, giving high-yield, PCR-ready DNA in just 15 minutes
  • Simple – few protocol steps greatly reduce the risk of sample loss and contamination and minimizes manual effort
  • Sensitive – incorporates MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase that exhibits increased affinity for DNA, thereby improving yield of even the most challenging targets
  • Specific - MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase is an antibody-mediated hot-start enzyme that remains completely inactive during PCR set-up to prevent non-specific amplification
  • Flexible – ideal for amplifying any target up to 5 kb from DNA extracted from mammalian tissue samples
  • Convenient – mastermix facilitates PCR set-up and includes a red dye for improved pipetting ease / accuracy and to enable direct gel loading
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Product Description

Many DNA extraction methods can be laborious and time consuming or involve the use of hazardous chemicals. MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit offers a rapid, easy and safer alternative for the extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissue types. MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit is particularly suited to solid tissues such as mouse tail or mouse ear. The DNA extractions are performed in a single-tube, without the need for multiple washing steps, greatly reducing the risk of sample loss and contamination.

The extracted DNA is amplified in a proprietary buffer system using MyTaq HS Red Mix, the latest generation of very high-performance polymerase unique to Bioline. To further reduce non-specific amplification, MyTaq HS uses antibody hot-start technology. The advanced formulation of MyTaq HS Red Mix allows fast cycling conditions to be used, greatly reducing the reaction time without compromising PCR specificity or yield.

The rapid MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit maximizes sensitivity while minimizing contamination risks to deliver improved success rates in applications such as mouse DNA characterization. The single tube lysis protocol and MyTaq HS Red Mix maximize sensitivity, while minimizing contamination risks and significantly reduce reaction times as well as delivering improved success rates in protocols such as mouse DNA characterization


  • High-throughput genotyping from mammalian tissue
  • Detection of transgenes
  • Knockout analysis

Rapid, highly sensitive and robust amplification from a broad range of mammalian tissue types

MyTaq Extract-PCR was used to extract and amplify genomic DNA from 3 mg pieces of mouse tail. A two-fold serial dilutions of the extract was prepared, then amplified (Lanes 1 – 11) used in PCR reactions containing MyTaq HS Mix and primers for amplification of a 1 kb fragment from the mouse γ-actin (Lanes 1 – 11). Marker is EasyLadder I (M). The results illustrate increased yield across all template input amounts versus all other kits tested.

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