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MyTaq HS Red Mix, 2x

A convenient mastermix containing a new generation of hot-start polymerase that delivers improved yield, sensitivity, speed and robustness when amplifying targets from any template.

  • Sensitive – incorporates MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase that exhibits increased affinity for DNA, thereby improving amplification of even limiting amounts of template
  • Efficient – novel buffer system maximizes efficiency of PCR amplification, delivering improved yield of any PCR product
  • Robust – reliable amplification in the presence of inhibitors and with even the most challenging DNA targets
  • Flexible – ideal for amplifying any target up to 5 kb from DNA extracted from human, animal and plant samples
  • Convenient – an all-in-one-tube mastermix and red dye, that improves the speed, convenience and accuracy of PCR set-up
  • Fast – developed to give sensitive, reproducible and robust amplification of a broader range of targets under fast thermal cycling condition
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Product Description

MyTaq™ HS Red Mix is recommended for PCR assays containing complex and low copy number targets as well as multiplex PCR. MyTaq HS Red Mix is comprised of MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase and a novel buffer system that deliver very high yield PCR amplification over a wide range of PCR templates. MyTaq HS has an increased affinity for DNA, enabling reliable amplification from even very low amounts of template. MyTaq HS has been developed to give more robust amplification than other commonly-used polymerases allowing it to perform well with challenging templates and in the presence of PCR inhibitors. Furthermore, the highly efficient nature of MyTaq HS means it gives excellent results under fast PCR conditions. MyTaq HS does not possess polymerase activity during the reaction set-up, thereby reducing the non-specific amplification that can hinder PCR assays from the start.

The product is supplied as a mastermix that requires the addition of only template, primers and water, thereby reducing the number of pipetting steps during PCR set-up for improved speed, throughput and assay reproducibility. The inclusion of dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers at optimal concentrations, helps eliminate the need for optimization, thereby saving time and ensuring comparable efficiencies for annealing and extension of all primers in the reaction, this makes MyTaq HS Red Mix ideal for multiplex PCR.

The specially designed MyTaq Red Mix formulation does not interfere with the PCR reaction and allows users to load samples directly onto a gel after the PCR without the need to add loading buffer.


  • Fast PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Genotyping
  • Complex templates (e.g. GC-rich)
  • Colony PCR
  • Low copy number PCR assays
  • High-throughput assays with prolonged PCR set-up

Highly specific, efficient and robust amplification under a broad range of PCR conditions

A 340 bp (A) and a 450 bp (B) fragment of the myc gene, a 525 bp (C) fragment of the EGFR gene and a 530 bp (D) fragment of the AGRI1 gene were amplified using MyTaq HS and hot-start DNA polymerases from Suppliers F, K, G and S. Each polymerase was used to set-up PCR reactions containing either 100 ng, 33 ng, 10 ng, 4 ng, 1 ng, 33 pg, 10 pg and 3 pg of human genomic DNA (Lanes 1-8 respectively), prepared by a 3-fold serial dilution. Marker is HyperLadder 1kb (M). MyTaq HS performed well across all four human genes.

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