Random Hexamer Primer

Random Hexamer Primers are a mixture of oligonucleotides representing all possible sequence for that size. Random Primers can be used to prime synthesis in oligo-labeling similar to using hexamers and cDNA synthesis.

  • Mixture of oligonucleotides -for RNA missing a polyA tail such as bacterial RNA
  • Binds randomly -for RNA with strong secondary structure
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Random Hexamer Primers consist of a mixture of oligonucleotides representing all possible hexamer sequences. Random Hexamer Primers are commonly used for priming single-stranded DNA or RNA for extension by DNA polymerases or reverse transcriptases.

During cDNA generation, random priming gives random coverage to all regions of the RNA to generate a cDNA pool containing various lengths of cDNA. Random priming is incapable of distinguishing between mRNA and other RNA species present in the reaction.

Primer Sequence: 5´ – d (NNNNNN) –3´ N = G, A, T or C

A mixture of random hexamer primers and oligo(dT) may improve the sensitivity of cDNA synthesis.


  • DNA synthesis using Klenow fragment with DNA templates
  • DNA probe synthesis for use in Northern and Southern blots, and in situ hybridization applications
  • Partially degraded RNA samples
  • RNA without poly(A) tail such as ribosomal RNAs
  • RNA with strong secondary structure
  • Target regions at 5´ end of a long messenger RNA transcript

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