SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit

To complement the SensiFAST Probe and SensiFAST SYBR® Kits for 2-Step RT-qPCR

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Product Description

The SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis Kit provides a rapid and sensitive method for first-strand cDNA synthesis, which displays excellent linearity across a wide range of starting material. This gives the same relative representation in cDNA templates, regardless of gene abundance, making it excellent for use in qPCR studies.

  • Efficient – high-target affinity, coupled with a novel TransAmp buffer system for improved yield of full-length cDNA
  • Unbiased – optimized mix of random hexamers and anchored oligo dT primers for complete 5’ to 3’ RNA sequence representation
  • Sensitive – lower Ct values from a broad range of input cDNA concentrations, enabling accurate detection of very low-copy targets
  • Robust – reliable reverse transcription under challenging conditions, including complex templates and in the presence of inhibitors
  • Fast – high-yield reverse transcription from a very broad of targets in as little as 5 minutes

SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit contains a highly-pure reverse transcriptase and optimized TransAmp™ buffer system, which includes a unique blend of random hexamers and anchored oligo (dT) primers to deliver the highest quality qPCR ready cDNA.

This makes the SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit ideal for working with limited sample volumes, such as laser-micro dissected samples and tissue biopsies (down to 1 pg of input RNA), to reverse transcribe precious RNA into stable cDNA ready for accurate real-time quantification.

The unique blend of random hexamer primers and anchored oligo dT in the TransAmp Buffer also ensure unbiased 3’ and 5’ coverage and reverse transcription of all regions.

SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit can be used with SensiFAST Probe and SensiFAST SYBR® Kits for fast real-time RT-qPCR without compromising on quality, giving real-time results in less than an hour.


  • Gene expression analysis
  • Tissue biopsy analysis
  • miRNA profiling / quantification
  • RNA target detection
  • Pathogen detection

Speed and sensitivity

SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit and a kit from supplier B were used for reverse transcription of a specific target from total RNA under fast conditions. The results illustrate that the SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit (red) is more sensitive than the kit from supplier B (blue), as judged by the lower Ct values.

SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit Customer Review

SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit Customer Review


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