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SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit

Outstanding assay reproducibility, sensitivity and robustness from both DNA and RNA templates, under fast thermal cycling conditions.

  • Reproducible – consistent results between technical replicates for increased confidence in results
  • Robust – reliable, accurate detection of DNA and RNA targets from a broad range of sample types
  • Sensitive – reliable quantification of low abundance targets and scarce samples
  • Fast – delivers reproducible, accurate assay results in as little as 30 minutes
  • Efficient – excellent performance in multiplex assays
  • Specific – antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase minimizes non-specific amplification for improved assay sensitivity and reliability
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Product Description

The SensiFAST™ Probe Hi-ROX Kit has been developed for fast, highly reproducible real-time PCR and has been validated on all commonly-used real-time instruments that require a high concentration of the passive reference dye ROX. SensiFAST Probe has been formulated for use with dual-labelled probes, including TaqMan®, Scorpions® and molecular beacon probes.

A combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and PCR enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase, ensures that the SensiFAST Probe Kit produces reliable assay results under fast thermal cycling conditions. Furthermore, SensiFAST Probe has been optimized to deliver excellent results in multiplex assays.

The SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit has been optimized to deliver optimal performance in tandem with the SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit, which offers fast, unbiased cDNA synthesis, without compromising cDNA yield or coverage.


  • Gene expression analysis
  • DNA / RNA target detection
  • Copy number variation (CNV) analysis

Comparison of sensitivity and efficiency in a singleplex and quadruplex reaction

A 10 fold serial dilution of human cDNA was amplified both in singleplex reactions (blue line) and quadruplex reaction (red line) (the results displayed are for just one gene). SensiFAST Probe No-ROX illustrates exactly the same high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility and Ct values for both the singleplex and multiplex reactions (A) and no reduction of efficiency (B) that is commonly associated with multiplexing.

Introduction to SensiFAST


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