CytoSelect™ 48-well Cell Adhesion Assay (Fibronectin, Fluorometric)

User Manual
Assay Type: Cell Adhesion
Detection Method: Fluorometric

Product Description

Cell adhesion is a complex process involved in embryogenesis, migration/invasion, tissue remodeling, and wound healing.

To perform these processes, cells adhere to extracellular matrix components (via adhesion receptors), forming complexes with components of the cytoskeleton that ultimately affect cell motility, differentiation, proliferation, and survival.

The Cell Biolabs CytoSelect™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kit provides a rapid, quantitative method for evaluating cell adhesion. The kit contains sufficient reagents for the evaluation of 48 samples (40 Fibronectin-coated wells, 8 BSA-coated wells).

Assay Principle:

The CytoSelect™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kit utilizes a Fibronectin-coated 48-well plate.

First, cells are seeded onto the coated substrate, where the adherent cells are captured. Next, unbound cells are removed with consecutive washes. Finally, the adherent cells are lysed and subsequently detected with CyQuant® GR Dye.

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