Vmax X2 Chemicompetent Cells (Chemically Competent Vibrio natriegens Cells)

User Manual
Competence: Chemically Competent
Application: High Level Protein Expression
Organism: Vibrio natriegens

Product Description

Vmax Express Cells for Recombinant Protein Expression

• Fastest growth rate - doubling time of ~14 minutes
• Produces up to twice the biomass of E. coli with up to 4X more soluble protein
• Optimized Vibrio natriegens growth media available
• Choice of chemically and electroporation competent cells
• Compatible with commonly used vectors and antibiotics
• Induce expression over range of ODs and IPTG concentrations
• Efficient expression up to 24 hrs post-induction
• Rapid results - get protein 1 day faster than with E. coli

Vmax™ Express is a novel, fast-growing bacterial strain designed and optimized for high-level recombinant protein expression. This rationally engineered, next-generation prokaryotic protein expression system can serve as a replacement for slow growing E. coli systems that are prone to low yields and the expression of proteins as insoluble inclusion bodies. Vmax™ cells are derived from the marine microorganism, Vibrio natriegens. This gram-negative, non-pathogenic bacterium has a doubling time twice that of E. coli and robust transcription and translation systems that support this rapid growth rate. This means that Vmax™ Express can produce greater amounts of biomass and generate large amounts of protein in a shorter time period.

With a protein expression workflow similar to E. coli, Vmax™ Express is compatible with plasmids and antibiotics commonly used with bacterial expression systems such as E. coli BL21(DE3). The Vmax™ Express workflow, fast growth, and ability to express a wide range of proteins make it ideal for routine protein expression. Additionally, Vmax™ Express can help overcome common recombinant protein expression challenges such as low yields or the expression of insoluble, or inactive proteins. Built with a tightly controlled, IPTG-inducible T7 promoter system, Vmax™ Express cells can be cultured using routine growth medium, as well as commercial auto-induction media, or our Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media (recommended for rapid growth and greatest accumulation of biomass).

In contrast to E. coli, Vmax™ Express cells grow rapidly at both 30°C and 37°C and tolerate the induction of protein expression over a wide range of starting ODs and IPTG concentrations. In addition, Vmax™ Express cells can be incubated for up to 24 hours post induction to maximize the amount of soluble protein produced. This flexible protein expression workflow and rapid doubling time allows you to go from transformed cells or a glycerol stock to a large-scale culture ready for analysis or protein purification in as few as three standard workdays compared to four days with E. coli.


• Lab scale expression of recombinant proteins
• Large scale expression of recombinant proteins
• Expression of proteins that express at low levels or as inclusion bodies in E. coli
• Expression of active proteins

Vmax™ Growth and Recovery Media

Vmax™ Chemicomp Recovery Media

Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media


Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms

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