Exosome Secretion Cyto-Tracer Lenti Vector: pCT-CD63-GFP (pCMV, CD63 Tetraspanin Tag), packaged into lentiviral particles , >2 x 10^6 IFUs

User Manual
Fluorescent Protein: copGFP
Subcellular Localization: Exosomes
Color: Green

Product Description

The Tetraspanin CD63 protein is a common biomarker for exosomes. With the pCT-CD63-GFP construct you can make you cells of interest secrete exosomes that glow green for downstream functional delivery studies.

For the precipitation of the glowing exosomes use SBI's ExoQuick™ Exosome Precipitation Solution for subsequent functional delivery and tracking studies - see link below.

Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms

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