VividFISH™ CEP probe for human chromosome 14-orange

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Product Description

GeneCopoeia´s VividFISH™ fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) chromosome probes are the ideal tools for chromosome detection. FISH chromosome probes are extremely valuable as:

  • Control probes to accompany disease gene-specific (LSI) FISH probes
  • Chromosome enumeration probes, to be used to determine chromosome copy number in diagnosis and prognosis of cancers and other diseases
  • Chromosome enumeration probes for determining target chromosome copy number in CRISPR- and TALEN-mediated genome editing projects

Pretreatment of FFPE samples can be performed with GeneCopoeias VividFISH™ FFPE-pretreatment Kit.

Additional Protocols

Cell slide preparation protocol

FFPE pre-treatment protocol

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